Waiting in Pittsburgh

PittsburghairportAs we sit in the Pittsburgh airport, Stephen and I are reflecting on how God has blessed us this past week with great times of transition and preparation.

Almost a week ago, last Thursday, Stephen finished his last day at FedEx! We are praising God for the job, the experience, the lessons, the provision, and the friends that Stephen gained from FedEx. We are also praising God that the 2am-10am season of life is coming to a close. Stephen started as a package handler at FedEx in the fall of 2014, and he finished as a manager last week. It has been a tiring, refining, sanctifying experience. And through it all, God is so good.

Minutes after Stephen got home from his last day at FedEx, we hit the road to visit my family in Michigan. We enjoyed most of 5 days up in the Mitten, watching two yellow labs terrorize each other, sitting on the back deck to enjoy the summer weather, and spending as much time with our sweet 6-week-old niece Jane Marie. We had a great time recharging, chatting, laughing, and creating even more ridiculous Cline memories. We had the privilege of catching up with both Grandma Cline and Papa Sears on our trip, which was a blessing. And we’re so grateful for Monday morning when Mom’s EBS ladies took the time to pray for us and our trip. You know, even though the Cavs lost and Pittsburgh won, it was still a great visit. 🙂

After driving back to Cuyahoga Falls on Monday, we had a little over 24 hours to pack ourselves for our 3-week trip. And we learned about our packing habits:

  • Abby
    • List-maker
    • Bag-stuffer
    • “last-minute” means the day before
  • Stephen
    • Stress-free
    • More relaxed fit
    • finishes packing an hour before we left the apartment
  • Both
    • Pile-makers
    • Clothes-rollers
    • Willing to trust and appreciate the packing style of the other (What a bonus!)


Post-packing, here are our carry-on items:


And now, we wait. We should be boarding in about 40 minutes, and everything is still running on-time. But Stephen and I have both experienced missions before, so we know the one essential trait: flexibility. And we’re so excited. We’re excited for what else we’ll learn about ourselves and each other, beyond simply our packing practices. We are looking forward to what we’ll see and learn and experience as we partner with Hungarian and French believers. And we’re so excited for what our faithful, good God will show us and work on in us. I’m also so excited to see Anna! And yes, we’re looking forward to airplane movie watching– that would go in the “both” column, too.

Thank you for your prayers and interest. We’ll update when we get the chance on the ground in Hungary!


2 thoughts on “Waiting in Pittsburgh

  1. Jdmcgill2@charter.net says:

    God is wth you two beautiful young people. I’m excited for your adventure. You made your grandpa so extremely happy with your visit. He’s still telling me about his awesome ladies. Thanks for your email. Enjoy, Miss Donna


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